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VSOP Ransomware

Cybercrimnals are using another powerful ransomware threat to extort money from their victims. Named the VSOP Ransomware, the threat can disrupt the computers it infects completely.

Affected users will find themselves no longer capable of accessing their personal or business-related documents, archives, databases and numerous other file types. The threat locks the victim's data with a strong cryptographic algorithm ensuring that it cannot be restored without assistance from the hackers.

As part of its intrusive actions, VSOP will append '.PPLIT' to the names of the locked files. It also will create a new text file named 'README.txt' on the desktop of the system. The file carries the threat's ransom note with instructions from the attackers.

Ransom Note's Overview

Reading the note reveals that the cybercriminals are using a double-extortion scheme. Indeed, if the note can be believed, the hackers have obtained private data from the infected system, and now threaten to release it to the public on their dedicated news websites. To avoid this outcome, victims are instructed to use the provided email address ( to contact the hackers and receive additional instructions. Users also are allowed to send two locked files to be decrypted for free, as a demonstration that their data can be fully restored.

The full text of VSOP Ransomware's note is:

'All of your files are currently encrypted by VSOP strain.

All of the data that has been encrypted by our software cannot be recovered by any means without contacting our team directly.
If you try to use any additional recovery software - the files might be damaged, so if you are willing to try - try it on the data of the lowest value.

To make sure that we REALLY CAN get your data back - we offer you to decrypt 2 random files completely free of charge.

You can contact our team directly for further instructions through our e-mail:

Just in case, if you try to ignore us. We've downloaded a pack of your internal data and are ready to publish it on out news website if you do not respond. So it will be better for both sides if you contact us as soon as possible.


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