Threat Database Mac Malware is a fraudulent website that runs a tactic targeting iPhone users primarily. The tactic uses two different versions of its fake messages to trick the unsuspecting users. However, it must be strongly stressed that no information provided by should be trusted or taken seriously.

The first variation of the tactic tries to scare users by generating a pop-up alert window that is designed to mimic a legitimate message from Apple. The fake alert warns users that three malware threats have been found on their devices. The battery itself is supposedly already been damaged. To remedy the situation, iPhone users are encouraged to download and install a 'recommended virus protection tool' that is free on the AppStore. The other misleading message wants to persuade users to download a supposed VPN application that will better protect their personal and banking information stored in the Safari browser. Again, the entirety of these messages is fake. The goal is to fool iPhone users into installing dubious applications.

Tactics such as rely on forced redirects caused either by Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) or adware already present on the device. That is why users who notice that they often land on pages similar to should scan their devices with a legitimate anti-malware program and eliminate all of the detected applications they deem suspicious.


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