Threat Database Browser Hijackers 'Visicom Yahoo Search' Redirect

'Visicom Yahoo Search' Redirect

Another browser hijacker application has been unleashed to annoy PC users. Named 'Visicom Yahoo Search' redirect, as its name suggests, it causes the affected Web browser to start redirecting to a dubious search engine. Impacted users report that when trying to carry out searches in their browser, everything seems to be working as normal initially. However, soon afterward, their searches are being redirected to Visicom Yahoo Search and they are presented with results generated by Yahoo, no matter what their previously chosen default search engine might be.

Getting rid of this browser implant could be tricky as it might try to blend with the other browser extensions you have installed. Manually changing the affected settings will not work either because the application will soon change them again. Keep in mind that browser hijackers usually pack more unwanted functionality than what is immediately visible. After all, nearly all of them also try to track the user's browsing activities by harvesting information such as what sites are opened, which links are clicked, and all conducted searches.

Users impacted by the 'Visicom Yahoo Search' redirect who also have McAfee installed, might want to temporarily disable or stop the program and check if that will have any effect on the issue.


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