Threat Database Mac Malware VirtualDeskSearch


VirtualDeskSearch is the name of a dodgy, low-quality application that targets Mac computers exclusively. It is likely that this shady application is distributed via freeware bundles or misleading advertisements claiming that the VirtualDeskSearch application is a very useful tool that will enhance your browsing quality.

If you install the VirtualDeskSearch application, you may notice some changes in the settings of your system. This is because the VirtualDeskSearch tool would alter your system's configurations without consulting with you first. This is why the VirtualDeskSearch utility is listed as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). To gain persistence on the host, the VirtualDeskSearch tool would create a new 'Launch Daemon' and 'Device Profile.' If you have installed the VirtualDeskSearch utility, you may notice that you are being redirected to random websites when you use your browser. This is due to the changes in settings applied by the VirtualDeskSearch tool. The presence of the VirtualDeskSearch application on your Mac also may result in an increase in the number of advertisements that you view.

It is advisable to remove the VirtualDeskSearch application from your Mac with the help of a reputable, modern anti-malware application, which is compatible with your system.


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