is yet another website whose only purpose is to deliver questionable content to users as part of a popular-browser based fraud. The countless websites of this type all rely on fake and misleading scenarios to trick users into subscribing to their push notification services. Afterward, the sites can proceed to generate monetary gains for their creators by delivering dubious advertising materials to unsuspecting users.

The website, in particular, employs one of the more popular scenarios - it pretends to be running a CAPTCHA check for bots. To achieve the illusion, it displays an image of a robot accompanied by a variation of the following messages:

'Click Allow to confirm'

'Click 'Allow' to verify that you are not a robot'

Users who fall for this trap will then be subjected to an incessant flood of intrusive and unwanted advertisements. The advertisements themselves should be approached with caution. They may use similar deceptive techniques to lead users towards untrustworthy third-party websites.

Keep in mind that fraudulent pages such as are oftentimes opened as a result of the activities of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that is lurking on the user's computer or device. PUPs are capable of performing various invasive actions, including taking control of certain browser settings and spying on the user's browsing activities.


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