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Vfcfocxp Ransomware

By GoldSparrow in Ransomware

Malware researchers have re uncovered a brand-new data-locking Trojan dubbed the Vfcfocxp Ransomware recently. Ransomware threats are very popular, as even inexperienced cyber crooks can build and distribute them.

Propagation and Encryption

Most authors of ransomware threats use several popular propagation methods to distribute their harmful creations, which include:

  • Fake software downloads and updates.
  • Torrent trackers.
  • Bogus pirated copies of popular software services.
  • Malvertising operations.
  • Spam emails containing corrupted links or macro-laced attachments.

When the Vfcfocxp Ransomware infects a PC, it will scan its files to locate the on that meet its criteria. It is likely that the Vfcfocxp Ransomware goes after a very wide variety of filetypes - .doc, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .xls, .ppt, .rar, .mp3, .mp4, .mpv, .zip, etc. The targeted files will be locked via an encryption algorithm. All the encrypted files will have changed names as the Vfcfocxp Ransomware appends the '.vfcfocxp' extension. For example, the 'fresh-drink.mp4' file will be renamed to 'fresh-drink.mp4.vfcfocxp.'

The Ransom Note

After completing the encryption process, the Vfcfocxp Ransomware will drop the attackers' ransom message on the infected host. The name of the file is 'HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.txt.' In the ransom message, the attackers warn the user against renaming or editing the encrypted files, as it may result in data loss. The authors of the Vfcfocxp Ransomware demand to be contacted via email and provide two email addresses for this purpose – ‘' and ‘' The attackers claim to always reply within 24 hours. The creators of the Vfcfocxp Ransomware claim to be willing to decrypt up to three files free of cost, provided that they do not exceed 1MB in size.

Do not trust the promises and claims of cybercriminals – they are not known as trustworthy individuals exactly. Instead of paying the ransom fee demanded by the attackers, remove the Vfcfocxp Ransomware from your PC with a reputable anti-spyware suite.


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