The VentureSprint application is an adware program, which is compatible with Mac computers only.

However, unlike most adware programs, the VentureSprint tool not only injects additional advertisements on the Web pages that you visit but also alters the settings of your system. The latter is done for one purpose only – setting up an affiliated website as your default new tab page. Since the VentureSprint application will apply changes to your settings without your knowledge, this utility is considered to be a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Users who have installed the VentureSprint tool are likely to experience redirects to the websites – a basic search engine, which cannot compete with the quality service offered by Google, Bing or Yahoo. The VentureSprint program also will make sure that you see additional advertisements every time you browse the Web. The advertisements affiliated with the VentureSprint application may come in the shape of banners, alerts, pop-ups, hyperlinks, etc. Avoid engaging with them, as they may promote unsafe content.

The best approach in this situation is to scan your Mac with the help of a reputable, modern anti-malware tool that will find and eliminate the PUP that is causing you issues.


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