Uwamson Description

Uwamson is an extremely threatening malware classified as a Trojan. Trojans can perform a multitude of invasive and nefarious actions on the infected systems, depending on the specific goals of the attackers. Uwamson could be responsible for initiating keylogging routines that capture keyboard and mouse inputs, take control over the system's microphone and camera, take arbitrary screenshots and other espionage actions. Trojans also can be used as backdoor channels to the system, giving the attackers the ability to execute remote commands. Uwamson also can be commanded to fetch and deploy next-stage payloads on the victim's device, such as ransomware, crypto-miners, etc.

Users who notice any symptoms associated with the potential activities of a Trojan threat should scan their device with a professional anti-malware solution immediately. Acting fast could be crucial in minimizing the damage caused by the threat and avoiding the more severe consequences. 

However, before panicking, you should check for the possibility of a false positive that is triggering your anti-virus program. Many security solutions could flag a legitimate application as potentially threatening due to action that they consider to be Trojan-like. When it comes to Uwamson, there are two extremely similar detections - 'Win32/Uwasson.A!m' or 'Win32/Uwamson.A!ml.' The first one is largely considered to be a false positive observed in Windows Defender, while 'Win32/Uwamson.A!ml' indicates the presence of the real Uwamson Trojan and requiring immediate attention.