'Ustrack.online' Pop-Ups

'Ustrack.online' Pop-Ups Description

'Ustrack.online' Pop-Ups is a rogue website that uses scare tactics to lure users into downloading and installing a promoted app. The site is geared towards iPhone users mainly but it could also be opened on other devices. 'Ustrack.online' Pop-Ups stick to the tried and true scenario employed by this type of scams. 

Users who land on the site will be presented with a fake iOS notification and an equally as fake virus warning. 'Ustrack.online' Pop-Ups claims that it has detected multiple viruses on the user's iPhone with the malware threats already having caused unspecified damage to the device and its battery. To amp the scare rhetoric even more the scam website displays a bright red countdown timer with the implication that users must act as quickly as possible or risk incurring even more damage. Here is when the promoted app comes into play with 'Ustrack.online' Pop-Ups directing users towards it. 

The first thing to remember when been presented with such claims is that no website can perform malware scans on its own. As such all warnings about detected threats should be disregarded completely as they are entirely fake. In most cases, scam websites such as 'Ustrack.online' Pop-Ups are used to spread various PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) including adware and browser hijackers. Even if the promoted app is a legitimate one, users should opt to download it from the official App Store and not from a dubious website that they somehow landed on.