Like many other websites of this kind, the is a dodgy page whose sole purpose is to trick its visitors into allowing it to display Web browser notifications. Such websites tend to trick users into believing they are hosting engaging content like an interesting video or a gallery of high-quality images. However, this is never the case, and if visitors fall for this trickery, they may allow the shady page to display notifications in their Web browser. Of course, Web browser notifications can be a useful tool if they are in the right hands. Legitimate websites often ask for permission to display Web browser notifications in order to keep their visitors up to date with new deals, latest gossip, or breaking news. However, dodgy websites like the provide no content of value, and you should not allow them to display notifications in your Web browser.

Tricks Users with a Bogus File Download

When a user visits the site, the page will display an alert for a pending download of a file the user may desire. However, the visitor is told that if they want to download the file successfully, they have to click on the 'Allow' button. The operators of the website have made sure that this shady page is available for both desktop users and mobile users. If the con-men behind the get the desired permission, they will waste no time and begin bombarding the user with unwanted advertisements via their Web browser notification. Often, dodgy pages like the site tend to promote untrustworthy services as well as low-quality products. Computer users are advised to avoid engagement with the ads displayed by the shady website.

If you are receiving advertisements from the page via your Web browser notifications, resolving the issue is rather simple. Open your Web browser settings and make sure you revoke all permissions granted to the dodgy website.


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