Urningrepel.space's mission is to deliver paid advertisements to targeted computers directly. This online tactic operates through the website Urningrepel.space by gaining visitors' agreement to receive messages in a misleading and unfair way. When users visit this website, they see an error message with the following text:

'Urningrepel.space wants to Show notifications

Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Urningrepel.space demands the user's approval for browser notifications; however, it also claims that the user needs to click on the 'Allow' button to view the content of the website. In fact, Urningrepel.space has no meaningful or useful information to display; its only purpose is to make users subscribe to push notifications so that it can send advertising content to their desktops directly.

The pop-up messages and advertisements displayed by Urningrepel.space hide many potential risks, as they typically redirect the user to unsafe pages, like illicit gambling sites, sites with adult content or websites that promote Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs). All of these may contain corrupted scripts that could deploy high-damage malware on their visitors' computers.

In case you have accepted Urningrepel.space browser notifications, we advise you to delete that permission from your browser's settings. There also is the risk that your device has been infected with an adware program or a browser hijacker if you have not visited Urningrepel.space intentionally. You can use an automated malware detection and removal tool to scan your PC for undesired applications.


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