Urgentscanur.com Description

Type: Adware

The Urgentscanur.com website appears to be mostly dedicated to the propagation of online tactics. As such, users who find themselves landing on the page should exercise caution when dealing with the various messages shown by the site. Like most hoax websites, Urgentscanur.com also is highly unlikely to be visited by users intentionally. Instead, the page may be promoted through forced redirects caused by rogue advertising networks or intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

When cybersecurity researchers examined the page, they confirmed that Urgentscanur.com was carrying out a version of the 'Your PC is infected with 5 Viruses!' tactic. It involves showing users numerous fake and misleading security alerts presented as if coming from a reputable software company. In this version of the tactic, the page was exploiting the name, brand, and logo of McAfee Corp. In addition, Urgentscanur.com tries to convince its visitors that a threat scan of their device has uncovered multiple malware threats on it. 

When dealing with this type of online tactic, users should remember that the mentioned company - McAfee, in this case, has absolutely no connection to the site. Furthermore, no page is capable of performing a scan of its visitors' devices. Indeed, all claims encountered on Urgentscanur.com should be dismissed as false and fabricated. After all, the fraudsters rely on fake scares to push unsuspecting visitors into buying a subscription for a promoted product, while they earn illegitimate commission fees based on the completed transactions. Alternatively, the fraudsters may be spreading various PUPs masquerading as security solutions that could help users resolve the non-existent issue.

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