'UPS' Email Virus

'UPS' Email Virus Description

The 'UPS' email virus is a newly detected spam email campaign that is used for the distribution of threatening malware. The threat distributed via the 'UPS' Email Virus phishing campaign is the Hancitor Trojan downloader. This threat also is known as the Chanitor Trojan downloader. Threats like the Hancitor Trojan downloader are often used as the first-stage payload that allows the con. artists to plant additional malware on the compromised system.

It is likely that the conman behind the 'UPS' email virus operation may have gotten their hands on a database containing numerous email addresses of users worldwide. Users who are not using the services of a legitimate, reputable email utility are more likely to receive the 'UPS' email virus as the fake message may not be filtered and sent to their spam folder. According to reports, the emails from the 'UPS' email virus campaign are designed to resemble a legitimate message from the UPS delivery company. The conmen behind the 'UPS' email virus operation have used the company's logo and graphics to make the fake emails appear more believable. The user will be invited to download and review the attached files, which is meant to contain an invoice from UPS. However, the attachment is not an invoice from the delivery company, but a corrupted file that is distributing the Hancitor Trojan downloader. This Trojan downloader exploits outdated versions of the Microsoft Office application.

It is best to avoid opening emails from unknown, untrustworthy sources, even if they seem to contain interesting or important information. Do not forget to install a reputable anti-virus utility on your computer, as it will protect your data and your system from threats online.

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