'Update Windows 7 Drivers' Pop-Up

'Update Windows 7 Drivers' Pop-Up Description

'Update Windows 7 Drivers' is a fake pop-up message that may be shown on the PC that has been affected by adware or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), or with the aim to affect the computer system with these malware threats. 'Update Windows 7 Drivers' Pop-Up message may be associated with PC infections such as adware and browser hijackers that may lead to various computer problems. The 'Update Windows 7 Drivers' Pop-Up may force the PC user to install a supposedly necessary update for Windows 7 drivers. If the computer user agrees to install the update by hitting the 'Save' or 'Install' buttons in the pop-up window, he may unknowingly agree to install adware or other PUPs on the PC.

Technical Information

More Details on 'Update Windows 7 Drivers' Pop-Up

The following messages associated with 'Update Windows 7 Drivers' Pop-Up were found:
Update Windows 7 Drivers
PC Driver Kit analyzes your computer for all out of date drivers.
Avoid Vulnerabilities
Reduce crashes and ensure optimal browsing experience
Automatically Updates
Supported Operating System:
Windows 7
Manufacturer: Microsoft Inc.
Last checked: 20/3/2014