United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus

United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus Description

ScreenshotThe United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus is one of the many variants of the Reveton Trojan, a dangerous ransomware Trojan that has been responsible for variants of the same scam all around the world. European variants of this Trojan, like the United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus, use the Ukash money transfer service in order to charge their victims while North American variants tend to use MoneyPak for these kinds of scams. It is important to note that MoneyPak and Ukash are both a genuine money transfer deliverance that are not directly associated with malware like the United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus. In fact, if you have made the mistake of paying these ransomware Trojans' ransoms, you can often receive a refund from these companies if you report the scam immediately.

How the United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus Is Distributed into Its Victims' Computers

There are several ways in which criminals distribute the United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus. The following methods are the most common ways of distributing this dangerous ransomware Trojan:

  1. The United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus may be installed on a computer that has been directed to an attack website, which may use an exploit kit (such as the infamous Black Hole Exploit Kit) to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the victim's computer in order to infect it with malware.
  2. Attack websites are not the only ones that pose a threat. Legitimate, normally harmless websites may be compromised by criminals. By taking advantage of weak passwords or outdated software, criminals may insert malicious scripts into these websites which then distribute malware to computer users visiting the affected website.
  3. The United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus is often distributed through spam email messages containing malicious attachments or embedded links, which then point to websites used to infect visitors' computers.
  4. Like most Trojans, the United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus is often downloaded directly by the victim, who has been made to think that the United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus is actually a harmless file containing a particularly popular file in a file sharing website or an innocuous freeware application.

Like most ransomware Trojans, the United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus displays a bogus message from the police. This message accuses you of numerous criminal activities, which include viewing illegal pornographic content and distributing copyrighted material illegally. The United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus blocks access to the victim's computer and threatens the victim with prosecution unless a fine of one hundred pounds is paid within 72 hours.

Technical Information

Registry Details

United Kingdom Police Ukash Virus creates the following registry entry or registry entries:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\Winmgmt\Parameters\ServiceDll = "C:\PROGRA~2\6j108owj.plz"

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