UnblockUPC Ransomware

UnblockUPC Ransomware Description

Type: Ransomware

The UnblockUPC Ransomware is a new Trojan that has caught the attention of PC security analysts. The UnblockUPC Ransomware, like other ransomware Trojans, encrypts its victims' files. PC security researchers have observed constant new ransomware Trojan infections such as the UnblockUPC Ransomware, mainly because of the strength of these attacks; even if the UnblockUPC Ransomware infection is removed, the victim's files will remain inaccessible until the ransom is paid. This is what makes these threats so effective, as well as explains why con artists have been so eager to adopt these tactics in their attacks.

The UnblockUPC Ransomware Blocks Your Data

The UnblockUPC Ransomware follows a similar strategy as numerous other ransomware Trojans. PC security analysts, having observed the UnblockUPC Ransomware's ransom note, have noted that the con artists responsible for the UnblockUPC Ransomware poke fun of the victim's. The UnblockUPC Ransomware demands the payment of a 100 Euros, claiming that it is not a big amount because of the extent of the encryption. The UnblockUPC Ransomware drops a file named 'Unblock your files.html' that contains the ransom note and payment instructions. The UnblockUPC Ransomware taunts the victims for visiting websites containing illegally-distributed data and claim that the UnblockUPC Ransomware attack is a punishment. The UnblockUPC Ransomware includes links to several websites to supposedly unlock the files. Computer users should avoid visiting these websites, as they could result in additional problems with the infected computer. Computer users would also do well to disbelieve most, if not all, of the UnblockUPC Ransomware's claims.

Potential Dangers Related to the UnblockUPC Ransomware

Computer users should avoid following the instructions in the UnblockUPC Ransomware ransom note; it is not a good idea to click on any of those links. There is high-risk of infecting your computer with additional threats after visiting these suspicious domains. They may contain exploit kits, which take advantage of vulnerabilities in the computers to deliver threats to the victims' computers. Once the UnblockUPC Ransomware enters a computer, it encrypts files using the AES-128 encryption. To decrypt the files, a 16-digit password is required. According to the UnblockUPC Ransomware ransom message, if the ransom is not paid within a week, the files will be deleted permanently. However, although this message imparts a sense of urgency, if the victims pay the ransom, there is a very low probability of regaining access to the affected files.

Common Distribution Methods Related to the UnblockUPC Ransomware

There are several ways in which the UnblockUPC Ransomware and similar ransomware Trojans may be distributed. The most common way of distributing the UnblockUPC Ransomware is through corrupted email attachments. The victims will receive suspicious emails that urge them to open an attached file. In many cases, these emails will be quite persuasive, making the victim believe that the file is an important invoice, receipt, or that it contains other essential content. However, when the victim opens the attached file, the UnblockUPC Ransomware is installed. The UnblockUPC Ransomware also may be distributed in a similar way using social media and instant messaging spam emails. Since the UnblockUPC Ransomware can be sent in attachments from accounts that have been compromised, you should be suspicious of unsolicited email attachments even if they come from a known online contact. Talking in person or a phone call to the supposed sender can help confirm whether the email is safe to open.

Dealing with the UnblockUPC Ransomware

Unfortunately, once the UnblockUPC Ransomware has encrypted your files, it may not be possible to recover them. Because of this, the best way to deal with the UnblockUPC Ransomware and similar threats is to take preventive measures. If your files are backed up on an off-site device adequately, then you can simply remove the UnblockUPC Ransomware infection with a reliable security application that is fully up-to-date and then simply reinstall the files from the backup copy.

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