Udsignation.biz Description

Udsignation.biz is virtually identical to countless other websites already put on the Internet with the same purpose - to deliver questionable content to their visitors and lure them into subscribing to the specific site's push notification service. The exact behavior of Udsignation.biz is based on the user's geolocation. To determine that factor, the site analyses the IP address of its visitors. It can then redirect them to other dubious websites through forced redirects or proceed to deliver the questionable content by itself.

At the same time, Udsignation.biz might display several deceptive alerts or warning messages designed to bait the user into clicking the 'Allow' button. Doing so will give the site broad browser permissions that it will then abuse to run an intrusive advertisement campaign. The ads could severely impact the browsing experience on the device as they could continue to appear even the browser itself is closed completely. 

One of the scenarios employed by the scam site is to display a load bar for a supposed video clip. Right below it will be the following message:

'Please tap the Allow button to continue'

Users who often land on Udsignation.biz or similar websites should consider scanning their system for any PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that might have been able to sneak on it.