Tysolomonau.xyz is designed to deliver questionable content to its visitors specifically. The deceptive site does so through various misleading methods and clickbait tactics. It can show manipulative messages that direct users to click on the displayed 'Allow' button. However, what the site may not state explicitly, is that clicking the button will instead subscribe the user to Tysolomonau.xyz's push notification services.

In practice, this will mean that the deceptive site now has broad browser permissions that it will abuse to run an intrusive ad campaign. Users will be subjected to an influx of shady advertisements. In most cases, closing the affected browser will not affect the incoming advertisements, resulting in a severely diminished user experience on the device.

The exact scenario that is shown by Tysolomonau.xyz may vary. The page may pretend to be doing a CAPTCHA check for bots or that a file will become available for download. It is entirely possible for users to encounter even more deceiving messages. Some examples include:

'Click 'Allow' to start downloading'

'Click Allow to confirm that you are not a robot!'

Users should approach any advertisements delivered by such unproven sources with caution. The advertisements could employ the same social-engineering tactics to get users to engage with them. Afterward, they may lead to additional dubious pages running more threatening online tactics, spreading annoying and intrusive PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), trying to obtain private information from the users through phishing schemes and more.


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