Threat Database Adware TypeInitiator


Some Mac users might suddenly find themselves staring into a macOS warning prompt stating that 'TypeInitiatord will damage your computer.' The scary-sounding message is part of the automated security measures that Apple introduced to combat the spread of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) in its ecosystem. After all, PUPs rely on specific distribution tactics designed to hide their installation process from users' attention. TypeInitiator is exactly that type of application.

Once deployed to the Mac system, TypeInititor will begin to monetize its presence by running an intrusive advertising campaign. In addition, the application also possesses browser hijacker capabilities. Users will soon discover that their usual homepage, new tab page, and default search engine have all been modified to open the address of the PUP. Engaging with the displayed advertising materials or relying on the results provided by a dubious search engine is discouraged strongly.

However, users have one more red flag to take into consideration - PUPs are known for having at least some degree of data-harvesting abilities. They can monitor the user's browsing habits silently - visited websites, clicked URLs and initiated searchers, then package the collected data and upload it to a remote server. Certain PUPs have been observed to even go after sensitive banking data, as well as credit/debit card numbers that have been saved into the Web browser.


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