The TuneupMyMac software from www.tuneupmymac.com is promoted as a tool that would allow users to run their Mac devices faster than before. The TuneupMyMac application is provided by SysTweak Inc. that is a publisher related to various PUPs on Windows. The TuneupMyMac tool appears to be a variant of SysTweak’s optimization applications running on Windows. If you take the time to read the landing page at www.tuneupmymac.com, you will notice that the benefits of using TuneupMyMac are almost the same as having an application dedicated to deleting files on your PC. Removing data from your hard drive/SSD drive is not going to speed up your Mac.

Utilizing the TuneupMyMac app may free up space on your local memory storage, but it will not deliver improvements in how fast your applications load, how fast you open Web pages and how stable is your video editor. You are advised to read the “Features” page at https://www.tuneupmymac.com/Features very carefully if you are interested in testing TuneupMyMac by SysTweak Inc. The software at hand has been mentioned on Discussions.apple.com and Cnet.com/forums/discussions/ in complaints of difficult removal, unwanted pop-up windows and questionable system scan results. The TuneupMyMac software comes with a testing phase/trial period, and users can perform free scans. However, testing the application would require you to buy the program via https://www.tuneupmymac.com/cbprice.asp for $49,95/€39,95. You may want to reconsider purchasing an application that deletes your browser cache, system logs, and duplicate files for $49,95/€39,95 when it will not speed up your device. The TuneupMyMac tool from SysTweak Inc. (www.tuneupmymac.com) is deemed a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may display misleading system scan results and lead users to pay nearly fifty dollars for a file deleter application. AV vendors may block the installation of TuneupMyMac and show the following alert names:

MacOS:TuneUpMyMac-A [PUP]
Malware (ai Score=86)

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