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By ZulaZuza in Trojans

TSPY_ZBOT.PN is one of the many variants of one of the most popular and widespread threats today, the ZeuS Trojan. Threats in the ZeuS family also often referred to by the aliases Citadel and Zbot, are used to steal money by gaining access to the victim's online banking accounts or other sensitive information. There are countless ways of distributing TSPY_ZBOT.PN and its variants, commonly by using other threats or a social engineering approach. The TSPY_ZBOT.PN ZeuS variant has been linked to the Patnote or Pioneer virus, a file infection that may cause damage to the infected computer with the goal of installing TSPY_ZBOT.PN in order to steal the victim's private information. TSPY_ZBOT.PN presents a severe threat to your computer's security and to your privacy and steps should be taken at once to protect yourself from this threat.

TSPY_ZBOT.PN is the Kind of Threat that Should be Avoided at Any Cost

The TSPY_ZBOT.PN variant in particular may use the Pioneer file infector to infiltrate the victim's computer. Pioneer or Patnote, may add its harmful code to executable files on the victim's computer, ensuring that when they are executed, TSPY_ZBOT.PN is dropped and executed as well. Patnote may diffuse from one computer to another and uses distribution methods that may allow criminals to acquire access to PCs that are not connected to the Internet without restrictions.

One particularly threatening aspect of TSPY_ZBOT.PN and Patnote is the fact that TSPY_ZBOT.PN has self-protective measures that prevent PC security researchers from studying these threats effectively. Basically, these threats will detect commonly used threat analysis tools and shut down as soon as it does. If you are concerned about TSPY_ZBOT.PN and similar threats, PC security researchers strongly advise to follow safe online browsing habits and to protect your computer with a strong, fully updated anti-malware tool. It is also fundamental to be sure that all of your programs are fully up-to-date due to the fact that threats like TSPY_ZBOT.PN may spread taking advantage of vulnerabilities in outdated software on the targeted computer.


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