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Trueprofit Website Pop-Ups

The Trueprofit pop-ups are delivered by a group of misleading websites leveraged against Mac users. So far multiple sites have been found to belong to this scheme -,, and others. They are used as platforms for various deceptive tactics and the delivery of questionable content to visitors.

Infosec researchers have observed that one of the ploys carried out by the Trueprofit website pop-ups is the commonly encountered 'Latest version of Adobe Flash Player.' Users who land on one of these sites will be presented with a pop-up window claiming that their Adobe flash is out of date. Visitors will then be offered to fix the non-existent problem by downloading (fake) updates. As a whole, this scheme is most often used to spread PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) such as adware or browser hijackers. However, it also can be hiding malware threats - Trojans, ransomware, crypto-miners, etc. 

Users who notice that they are being taken to the websites from the Trueprofit group, or other similar pages frequently, might have a PUP already present on their systems. It is strongly recommended to scan the computer experiencing the redirects with a professional anti-malware product. Then, remove all suspicious applications detected.


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