Threat Database Malware TR/Spyware.NTAP.Gen


TR/Spyware.NTAP.Gen is a fabricated computer threat conjured up by the rogue security program, DefenceLab. DefenceLab can display irritating pop-up widows or a fake Microsoft Support page, which detects TR/Spyware.NTAP.Gen as "a new threat that can harm your computer and compromise your personal data". TR/Spyware.NTAP.Gen is further described as a high risk threat that is distributed via Instant Messengers and can only be removed with DefenceLab Removal Tools. TR/Spyware.NTAP.Gen may not be a real computer parasite, but the false detection of TR/Spyware.NTAP.Gen means that you are possibly infected with DefenceLab, which should be removed as soon as possible.


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