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By GoldSparrow in Trojans

Threat Scorecard

Ranking: 17,066
Threat Level: 80 % (High)
Infected Computers: 20,701
First Seen: April 20, 2015
Last Seen: October 7, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Trojan.Mikey is a computer threat that may infect computers silently and create multiple files that may be used to execute threatening operations, as well as to communicate with remote Command & Control (C&C) servers. Con artists may use Trojan.Mikey to execute a large number of harmful actions such as downloading additional threats, turning the infected computer as part of a botnet, gaining illicit access to the user's data, etc.

The scariest thing about threats such as Trojan.Mikey is that they may use advanced methods to make their presence unknown. Trojan.Mikey may place its files in multiple system folders, and Trojan.Mikey may create Windows processes with unsuspicious names, which users would never associate with a threatening Trojan. The fact that Trojan.Mikey may stay hidden on an infected system and execute its threatening operations without ever giving out its presence is certainly something to be afraid of. That's why it is important always to keep your computer shielded with a reliable and up-to-date anti-malware software that can detect and eliminate threats like Trojan.Mikey as soon as they attempt to do something bad.

The Trojan.Mikey's distribution may occur with the help of several threat propagation techniques such as pirated software, corrupted e-mail attachments and fake downloads. Apart from securing your computer with a good anti-malware program, you also should avoid downloading software from untrustworthy Web destinations. The same applies for e-mail messages – never open messages from unknown senders, especially if they contain links or unknown attachments that you didn't expect to receive.

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File System Details

Trojan.Mikey may create the following file(s):
# File Name MD5 Detections
1. service.exe e17fa9d8b4f3932fff737f8775286e75 181
2. svchost.exe b326845d692c766adea130bb9a57eedf 148
3. service.exe 4cc97bd0d7fc0da6b2c7829460bcfc73 14
4. msiql.exe cb8986e89cf21fcd243c0aaa53417fe6 3
5. svchost.exe ba9f9c7b08ace02aea022878a9895df3 2
6. svchost.exe dff11ef6ede23f8b17dffbf01638cf85 1
7. svchost.exe 7039f234a0c71d0d4c8a40516d214b71 1
8. junlsen.exe 8efc257946d9ca90c1e48e8b5d24037d 1
9. cmutXP32.exe 1d2a8b21bf33f1b68bf73c7e74c7c468 1
10. svchost.exe 960d2800811bb950462305004b06c70a 1
11. svchost.exe 683d6050fc73c31174a9470bc169a250 1
12. msiql.exe e79083cc7ba95c44c5441a7b42f1df93 1
13. msiql.exe 942d0f872b35b541c5831f3880ab59e4 1
14. msiql.exe e8e7829763487ca324102f961baa2a5f 1
15. msiql.exe e319063d9917961c1a44d62bde129bd3 1
16. msiql.exe 5367c593583f80bb6ba859da2a65bdfa 1
17. msiql.exe 3425dae667df5ff0e51ea1be624f3b3f 1
18. msiql.exe b599ceeb3b5028076e03e7ffa6b79205 1
19. msiql.exe 163598700e93f1d65a0acc18eaf30870 1
20. msiql.exe a9785938a2b76d9296ed8ff7e571180f 1
21. svchost.exe c7798850d520b6ddabfc853329d996d4 1
22. msiql.exe 0883c5f3c9cc9d6eeba6b63a2fb6914b 1
23. svchost.exe f64fe81747c11222d1b8c266ce8525ec 1
24. Dq1njlO3qzrRK.exe 7c4c9ffc4359beefc8d96ffc063f914f 1
25. rekgernel.exe d8729ba91a0a86a3e04b091ec529e1a5 0
26. file.exe 8c06b8e0f91aa4e56a6d686a54c59eb0 0
27. 7895dfd152460b755407afff38944ee4 7895dfd152460b755407afff38944ee4 0
28. bd579517b4977d4807e1e5ac39fddb03 bd579517b4977d4807e1e5ac39fddb03 0
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Registry Details

Trojan.Mikey may create the following registry entry or registry entries:
Regexp file mask


Trojan.Mikey may create the following directory or directories:



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