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Cybersecurity experts have identified a new malware strain made exclusively for Mac OS devices. The threat, dubbed Trojan.MacOS.GMERA, appears to be limited in terms of features, but it might provide its operator with the capability of executing shell commands on the compromised. While this may not be regarded as a big deal to non-tech-savvy people, it actually enables the evil-minded attacker to execute countless tasks on the infected Mac device.

A Bogus Stock Trading Application Delivers a Threatening Mac Trojan

A sample of the Trojan.MacOS.GMERA was discovered hidden inside a bogus copy of a stock-trading application known as 'Stockfolio.' Of course, the application was not hosted on the official website of the product and, instead, the criminals spread it via 3rd-party file hosting providers. Remember that you should only download programs from trustworthy sources since this is the best way to ensure that their contents have not been tampered with.

The first thing that the Trojan.MacOS.GMERA does when it establishes itself on a computer is to run commands that provide it with information about the user, hardware configuration, running software and available files. All of the information is gathered and sent to the Command & Control server of the attacker.

The Attacker may Use a Reverse Shell to Carry Out Harmful Tasks

After the server receives the requested information, it instructs the planted copy of the Trojan.MacOS.GMERA to set up a reverse shell that the attacker can use to send remote commands to the infected computer. Thanks to this, they can plant additional malware, disable security measures, collect files, and execute many other tasks with a harmful purpose.

MacOS devices are more secure than Windows computers because there are not enough cyber-threats targeting them mainly. However, cybercriminals are not ignoring the profitable market that cybercrimes against MacOS devices can be certainly, and this is why it is a good idea to take the necessary security measures to protect your Apple computer or laptop from threats like the Trojan.MacOS.GMERA. Use strong login credentials, apply the latest updates to your software, and always have an anti-virus product running to keep you safe.


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