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Security researchers use the term 'Infostealer Trojan' when talking about Trojans that are coded for the purpose of collecting valuable information. As a valuable information are considered: credentials for online banking portals, social media, IM clients, security certificates and PC games. An Infostelaer Trojan can record data like phone numbers and social security numbers too. Computer users could be interested to know that the Infostealer Trojan family of malware consists of keyloggers, screen grabbers and POS malware. Members of the Infostealer Trojan family include BlackPOS, Dyreza, Zeus Keylogger and Bartalex that are used by con artists to obtain valuable data. The Infostelaer Trojans are distributed via spam campaigns and Trojan droppers predominantly. Infostealer Trojans can monitor your Internet activities and detect communications with baking websites and social media, thus record exchanged data packages.

Additionally, the Infostealer Trojans can add extra fields and use transparent layers over log-in forms of banking portals to record your input. In many cases, the Infostealer Trojans install their executable in the folders of legitimate programs to avoid raising suspicion. Also, the Trojans from the Infostelaer family of malware are known to write several entries in the Windows Registry of infected users to start as background processes within your OS. The data gathered by Infostealer Trojans is transmitted via HTPP channels to their respective Command and Control Servers. To cover their track the fraudsters may use it as C&C servers, already compromised websites and networks. The people that handle the Infostealer Trojans may use them to launch custom-made attacks or sell the recorded information to interested parties on the Dark Web and found future operations. Computer users can prevent infections by the Infostealer Trojans through the incorporation of a reputable anti-malware shield on their computers.

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