Tritax Description

Tritax is a family of rogue security programs. Fake security programs in the Tritax family are designed to trick inexperienced computer users into thinking that their machines are severely compromised with different kinds of threats. Tritax is used to generate revenue by convincing computer users that a bogus 'full version' of Tritax must be purchased. Threats in the Tritax family present a severe risk to your computer. Considering all of this, it is crucial to remove any vestige of Tritax from the infected computer with the help of a reliable, strong anti-malware product that is fully up-to-date.

Harmful Threats Such as Tritax Should be Removed ASAP

Rogue security programs like those in the Tritax family follow similar patterns when infecting computers. The following are characteristics of Tritax infections and of other types of fake security programs:

  • Usually, Tritax is distributed using typical threat delivery methods. Typical infections occur due to attack websites, email spam and social engineering techniques. Tritax has recently been distributed using infected advertisement networks. Cybercrooks gain access to advertisement networks and use them to distribute compromised advertisements that claim to offer a free check-up for your computer. Clicking on a button on these advertisements labeled 'clean computer' results in the installation of threats in the Tritax family on the infected computer.
  • Once installed, threats in the Tritax family take over the infected computer, making harmful changes to its settings in order to deceive computer users. Tritax will spam computer users with misleading error messages and fake threat scans in order to 'prove' to them that their machines are facing a serious risk.
  • When computer users try to use the fake security program to disinfect the affected computer, additional error messages appear, prompting the PC user to pay for a 'complete version' of the fake security program. Of course, since Tritax is not capable of detecting or removing threats, being itself a threat, computer users should avoid paying for Tritax and instead remove Tritax at once.

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