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TravelNow Adware

TravelNow is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) that hides intrusive adware functionalities. The main goal of the application is to generate proceeds for its operators by running an annoying ad campaign on the systems it is installed on. The dubious advertisements could severely diminish the user experience on the device, as well as represent a potential security risk.

The exact behavior of TravelNow could differ, based on a combination of numerous factors. Some users may be presented with dubious content, alongside unwanted advertisements, while on other systems, TravelNow may appear to be malfunctioning.

However, what users should remember, is to avoid interacting with the generated advertisements carelessly. The advertisements could pretend to be for legitimate software products that turn out to be more PUPs or they could lead to deceptive or unsafe third-party websites. Even when the advertisements lead to legitimate services and products, it is most likely part of a scheme that will see the fraudsters earn illegitimate commission fees.

Users should keep in mind that PUPs are frequently equipped with data-tracking routines. This could mean that the browsing activities carried out on the system could be monitored continually, with the acquired data being transmitted to a remote server subsequently. The harvested information could include various device details (IP address, geolocation, browser type, device type, etc.) or even banking/payment details extracted from the Web browser.


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