Threat Database Malicious Websites 'Transaction received into blockchain wallet' Email Scam

'Transaction received into blockchain wallet' Email Scam

The 'Transaction received into blockchain wallet' email scam tries to bait users into going to phishing websites, It also harvests sensitive crypto-wallet addresses and account credentials. The lure emails are designed to appear as if they are being sent by Blockchain, a popular cryptocurrency platform. The titles might read something in the vein of  'Transaction Received of BTC 0.55615081 has been processed.' While the price of Bitcoin fluctuates greatly, at the current exchange rate half of a single Bitcoin is worth more than $20,000. Understandably, getting a sudden message that they might have received such a sizable sum, could get some users quite excited. 

Unfortunately, as we said, this is just a scheme and nothing mentioned in the emails is true. We also should point out that the text inside the email will usually be full of spelling errors. The sole purpose of the fraudsters is to trick the user into clicking the provided button that is named 'Confirm Your Transaction' conveniently. By doing so, the user risks being taken to a dedicated phishing page that could mimic the login page of a legitimate cryptocurrency service. Any information entered into the phishing page will be harvested and sent to the con artists. The consequences and potential monetary losses could be significant. The best course of action is to close the email, block the sender, and scan your system with a reputable anti-malware solution, just to be safe.


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