The address, despite its name, belongs to a con website that uses scare tactics to bait users into installing a promoted application. This is a popular online tactic scenario that is leveraged mostly against iPhone users. The promoted applications are usually barely functional PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) designed to deliver intrusive advertisements, take control over the installed Web browsers, or both. has been observed to employ two different scenarios. The first one tries to scare users by falsy claiming that there are multiple viruses present on the visitor's iPhone. The supposed malware threats have caused unspecified damage to the device and will continue to do so unless the user taps the conveniently provided button and downloads the sponsored application immediately. The other scenario promotes a program called 'VPN Pro Anonymity & Security.' It claims that users should continue watching a video clip in the safe environment offered by the promoted software product.

Users should always keep in mind that websites cannot conduct malware scans on their own, and any such claims are fake and should be ignored completely. Furthermore, even if the promoted program turns out to be a legitimate product, you still shouldn't get it from a questionable site that you stumbled upon randomly or were forced to via unwanted redirects.


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