Total Virus Scanner

By Domesticus in Rogue Anti-Spyware Program

Total Virus Scanner is one of the many fake system optimization tools that have flooded the Internet in the last decade. The rogue security program or defragmenter scam is an insidious online fraud which claims thousands of victims from all around the world every single year. Rogue security programs like Total Virus Scanner prey on inexperienced computer users. Total Virus Scanner is a Trojan infection that is cleverly disguised as a fake system optimization application. A computer system infected with Total Virus Scanner will display numerous fake error messages, in an effort to convince its victim to purchase a license or the "full version" of this fake system optimization tool. Since Total Virus Scanner has absolutely no legitimate anti-malware capabilities, ESG PC security researchers strongly recommend against paying for this fake security program. While it is true that a computer system in which Total Virus Scanner is present will present numerous problems, most problems are caused by Total Virus Scanner itself, rather than any of the problems claimed in Total Virus Scanner's alarming error messages and fake system scans. At its core, Total Virus Scanner is nothing more than a Trojan that works in conjunction with other malware to use malicious scripts to wreak havoc on a computer system, all of this under the disguise of a legitimate-looking system optimization tool.

Understanding the Total Virus Scanner Online Scam

The first thing to understand about Total Virus Scanner is that Total Virus Scanner is designed to steal your money. There are numerous programs like Total Virus Scanner, such as XP Total Security, Windows 7 Antivirus, Wolfram Antivirus, System Fix and Registry Virus Scanner. While there are some variations between rogue security programs, they all have the same function: to cause problems deliberately on the victim's computer system and then charge the victim in order to fix them. Once installed, Total Virus Scanner makes changes to the infected computer system which allows Total Virus Scanner to launch automatically at start-up, interfere with other file processes, block certain applications (usually legitimate security programs) and affect the way the infected computer system accesses the Internet. ESG PC security researchers strongly recommends against purchasing Total Virus Scanner or giving the criminals behind Total Virus Scanner your credit card information. It is essential to remove Total Virus Scanner with a legitimate security application after starting up your computer system in Safe Mode.


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