Description is the address of a dubious torrent site. While downloading files and programs from unproven torrent platforms is enough of a security risk in and of itself, users also should pay attention to's attempts to get them to subscribe to its push notification services.

Push notifications are a legitimate feature that many websites use to provide immediate updates to their subscribers about important events. The same feature, however, has also been misused by suspicious third-party websites to conduct intrusive advertising campaigns. Many of these sites rely on manipulative or misleading alert and error messages that are designed to trick people into subscribing by clicking the 'Allow' button. This gives the website broad browser permissions that it will then abuse to deliver unsolicited ads, even if the user closed the web browser completely. may not employ such deceptive tactics but the ads it delivers should nonetheless be viewed as potential security risks. Clicking on any of them might initiate forced redirects that land on unsafe pages. Users could be exposed to phishing and tech support tactics, adult sites, dubious portals for online casinos, domains spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs), and even compromised sites that deliver malware threats.

If users notice that they are being redirected to quite often, this might be a sign that an adware app has managed to sneak itself onto their computer or device. It is recommended to conduct a thorough scan for such PUPs with a professional anti-malware product.