Description is a mostly empty website. Its sole purpose for existing is so that it can proliferate a popular browser-based tactic. The behavior of doesn't deviate from the norm established by myriad other pages dedicated to the same scheme. It shows misleading messages to its visitors to lure them into subscribing to its push notification services. The goal is to then start generating money for its operators by delivering intrusive and unwanted advertisements to the user's device via the affected browser.

The most popular bait scenario employed by these misleading pages is to pretend to be running a CAPTCHA check for bots. also has been observed to show an empty video window on its page that is accompanied by a variation of the following message:

'Press 'Allow' to watch the video'

Users who do not pay enough attention or let their curiosity get the better of them can easily for the site's tricks. Keep in mind that the generated advertisements can be untrustworthy equally. They employ similar clickbait tactics to get users to engage with them. Users risk being taken to other hoax pages, phishing sites, platforms spreading PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) or other questionable sites.