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Agent Tesla Description

Agent Tesla is an info stealer, which is being promoted by its creators as a legitimate service. The creators of Agent Tesla have built a website for their tool where they have given multiple disclaimers stating that if they detect that a client is using their tool in a threatening manner, their subscription will be canceled indefinitely. In theory, the users subscribing for Agent Tesla are not allowed to employ it on the computers of unsuspecting individuals with the end goal to collect their data. In practice, however, after malware experts got on their case, they discovered quickly that the disclaimers were nothing but a facade for what was going on behind the curtains.

The support system of Agent Tesla is based on Discord, and the authors of this info stealer were not only terminating accounts for wrongdoing but were helping and teaching their customers how to perform malevolent actions such as exploiting software vulnerabilities, infect legitimate files with the threat, and avoid detection by anti-malware applications actively. It is necessary to underline that this is not some obscure and insignificant operation. It seems that many shady individuals have taken interest in Agent Tesla because more than 6,300 people have subscribed for this info stealer with plans varying from budget at $15 per month to the premium option that would cost $69 per month.

This Week In Malware Episode 35 Part 1: Tesla RAT (Agent Tesla) Malware Gets New Password Stealing Abilities

Agent Tesla is capable of logging keystrokes, form-grabbing attacks, and collecting the copy-paste data of the user. Furthermore, the info stealer is packed with the capability of taking screenshots, as well as recording the desktop of the victim. However, Agent Tesla is specialized in collecting passwords mainly. This piece of malware is able to siphon passwords from FTP software, email applications and Web browsers alike.

Since it is being sold as a service, the authors of Agent Tesla have made sure that their creation has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate. This would allow them to sell subscriptions to a much wider variety of people as you would not need to be too tech savvy to work with Agent Tesla.

Having in mind the vast capabilities of Agent Tesla to collect information, you can only imagine the damage it can do to you if it worms itself into your system. It is crucial that users online obtain a legitimate anti-malware suite and keep it updated because threats like Agent Tesla are just waiting to exploit you.

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