The Tituricsec application is a tool compatible with Mac computers only. You may wonder how the Tituricsec tool ended up on your Mac – this is because dodgy utilities like the Tituricsec application often are delivered via freeware bundles.

Instead of providing you with helpful tools and features, the Tituricsec application's goal is to deliver marketing content to you. Once it is installed on a Mac system, this dodgy tool will create a new ‘Launch Daemon’ to ensure that it gains persistence on the computer. This means that whenever you start your Mac system, the Tituricsec application also will be launched. The Tituricsec utility can be listed as an adware program as it aims at spawning advertisements and other promotional content every time you browse the Web.

There have been more and more adware applications that target Mac systems exclusively. The Tituricsec application is one of the latest examples. If you want to rid yourself of the Tituricsec application, it is recommended to install a genuine, modern anti-virus solution that will take care of the issue for you.


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