'JW Video Player' Pop-Up

'JW Video Player' Pop-Up Description

The 'JW Video Player' pop-up is an irritating pop-up that is associated with a video player that is used to generate advertising revenue by tricking inexperienced computer users into downloading and installing various Potentially Unwanted Programs, adware and other potentially harmful components onto their computer, including the aforementioned 'JW Video Player.' There are two reasons why the 'JW Video Player' pop-up may appear on a Web browser. Either you are visiting a website that displays poorly regulated advertisement content or a PUP already present on your computer is causing your Web browser to display the 'JW Video Player' pop-up. It is fairly simple to distinguish these two scenarios:

  1. If the 'JW Video Player' pop-up only appears when you visit a website in particular, or a particular group of websites, the problem may be located on these websites. They may either be displaying suspicious advertisement content like the 'JW Video Player' pop-up deliberately or because they have been compromised so that they may display this kind of content on visitors' Web browsers.
  2. If the 'JW Video Player' pop-up appears on your Web browser no matter the websites you access, then it is probable that your Web browser has been already infected with a PUP. These may take the form of Web browser extensions or toolbars designed to display advertising material such as the 'JW Video Player' pop-up on affected Web browsers.

What is the Function of PUPs Associated with the 'JW Video Player' Pop-Up?

PUPs associated with the 'JW Video Player' pop-up may affect most Web browsers on the Windows operating system, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Some PUPs may be attached with low quality freeware or distributed using questionable distribution methods, such as spam email attachments or attack websites. Security researchers consider that the 'JW Video Player' pop-up is potentially harmful. This is because clicking on the 'JW Video Player' pop-up may result in the installation of other PUPs on the affected Web browser. PUPs associated with the 'JW Video Player' pop-up may cause a wide variety of performance and privacy issues.