Threat Database Fake Warning Messages 'ERROR #DW6BD36' Pop-Up Scam

'ERROR #DW6BD36' Pop-Up Scam

The 'ERROR #DW6BD36' Pop-Up Scam is an Internet con that attempts to steal credentials and eventually money from unsuspecting computer users. The 'ERROR #DW6BD36' Pop-Up Scam may display at random when surfing the Internet and be mistaken for a Microsoft alert that many think is legitimate. If one gives into the alert, they may be redirected to pages that ask for login details for certain accounts, including many social media accounts like Facebook.

Those who witness the 'ERROR #DW6BD36' Pop-Up Scam will want to take action to scan their system for malware using an antimalware tool. Doing such will ensure that any malware or other unwanted files causing the 'ERROR #DW6BD36' Pop-Up Scam to display is found and eliminated.


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