Threat Database Fake Warning Messages 'Free Cam Secrets' Pop-Up

'Free Cam Secrets' Pop-Up

By GoldSparrow in Fake Warning Messages

'Free Cam Secrets' Pop-Up is a bogus message that may be sent from a website called offers computer users unlimited access to live cams right on the Web browser. PC users, whose computers are affected by adware or browser hijackers linked to, may get unwillingly redirected to while surfing major search service websites or any other websites. If the 'Free Cam Secrets' Pop-Up emerges on the PC, this may signify that the computer system is contaminated with adware or browser hijackers. If the PC user clicks on the 'Free Cam Secrets' Pop-Up, he may agree to download and install PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) to the computer system. Adware that may be used to advertise 'Free Cam Secrets' may circulate and install itself onto the computer packaged with numerous free software.


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