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'Related Searches' Pop-Up

By GoldSparrow in Fake Warning Messages

Typically, a Web browser may display the 'Related Searches' pop-up if the computer is infected with a Potentially Unwanted Program. The 'Related Searches' pop-up appears on the right side of the Web browser window. PC security analysts have received numerous complaints regarding the 'Related Searches' pop-up because the 'Related Searches' pop-up may be quite annoying, taking up screen space and interrupting the computer users' activities. PUPs associated with the 'Related Searches' pop-up typically have undesirable features but are not as harmful or destructive as threats. However, PUPs associated with the 'Related Searches' pop-up may compromise your security, presenting a threat that should be removed at once. Malware researchers recommend the use of a reliable security program to remove any content associated with the 'Related Searches' pop-up from your computer.

The 'Related Searches' that will Lead You to Nowhere

Several symptoms have been associated with PUPs such as those linked to the 'Related Searches' pop-up. Apart from messages like the 'Related Searches' pop-up, these PUPs may create a variety of other issues, including the following:

  • PUPs associated with the 'Related Searches' pop-up may make unwanted changes to your Web browser and computer settings, often changing your homepage and Web browser's default search engine.
  • PUPs linked to the 'Related Searches' pop-up may cause performance issues on affected computers. These kinds of PUPs may cause the affected computer to run slowly, crash frequently or present a variety of other problems.
  • Content associated with the 'Related Searches' pop-up may compromise your privacy. This is because these types of PUPs may track your online activity in an attempt to deliver advertisements and carry out marketing research. PUPs associated with the 'Related Searches' pop-up may also save information about your system settings and hardware.
  • The links contained in the 'Related Searches' pop-up may lead to known online tactics or to websites where computer users are prompted to download and install PUPs or even more threatening types of unwanted components.


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