'Please Install Video Downloader' Pop-up

'Please Install Video Downloader' Pop-up Description

'Please Install Video Downloader' is a fake pop-up message that may be used to download and install various potential security threats including potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), adware and browser hijackers on a computer. If the misleading 'Please Install Video Downloader' Pop-up alert is displayed on the computer system, this may mean that the PC has been already infected with adware or other security infections. The bogus 'Please Install Video Downloader' Pop-up may show up on the PC when visiting commercial websites or legitimate websites that have been compromised. Computer threats connected with the fraudulent 'Please Install Video Downloader' Pop-up message may modify the default homepage, search provider or a new tab page with an unreliable website, or constantly reroute PC users to numerous suspicious websites. If the PC user decides to download a file that, in actuality, may be covered as an update for a Video Downloader by clicking on the links or button in the notification, he may unknowingly agree to download and install additional PUPs or adware onto the computer.