'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' Pop-up

'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' Pop-up Description

'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' is a bogus pop-up warning message including the text 'When was your last computer scan' that may be generated with the intention to dupe PC users into believing that a variety of computer infections or system issues were identified on their computer systems. 'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' Pop-up is involved in an online scam that may attempt to induce computer users to call a phony online technical support service number that is, undoubtedly, paid. 'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' Pop-up may encourage PC users to dial 1(800) 820-1685. If a computer user makes a call to the support number or any similar online support displayed by 'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' Pop-up, this may cost him a lot of money although they haven't fixed any problems on the computer. In actuality, 'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' Pop-up may be used for showing pop-up ads, spreading adware, or potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) that may later result in numerous problems on the computer. The first one to call the PC user may be the 'System32.repair (Fast Fix 123)' Pop-up if associated adware has collected contact information on the PC of the computer user. Collected data may be transmitted to a remote server so that a representative can contact the computer user and state that he has found remotely an issue on a PC.

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  • Kathy BUTLER:

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