is a dubious domain designed to deliver questionable content to visitors, as well as execute a popular browser-based tactic. The website is virtually indistinguishable from the countless other similar pages that have been already put on the Internet. The exact behavior of is based on the visitor's geolocation, which is determined by accessing the user's IP address. Afterward, can either generate questionable content itself or redirect the user to other similarly dubious third-party Web pages. 

It should be noted that also will attempt to lure its visitors into granting it broad browser permission via a push notification subscription. Through various social engineering tactics and deceptive error or alert messages, deceiving websites such as this one try to convince the user into clicking the 'Allow' button. All those who fall for the trick will soon find themselves on the receiving end of an intrusive advertising campaign. The unwanted ad materials can take many forms - pop-ups, banners, surveys, etc., and will continue to appear even if the affected browser itself has been closed. 

The advertisements should be approached with caution. Through forced redirects, they may take the user to unsafe pages such as domains dedicated to the spread of PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs). If users notice that they are landing on pages such as rather frequently, then they may already have a PUP present on their computers or devices. It is recommended to scan the system with a professional anti-malware product and then remove all detected applications.


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