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Brazilian users have been targeted by yet another set of banking Trojans. The name of this newly identified banking Trojan group is Tetrade because it includes four threats - Guildma, Grandoreiro, Melcoz, and Javali. Brazil is among the regions that are most targeted by banking Trojans, so it comes as no surprise that cybercriminals are once again going after Brazilian-based users. However, banking Trojans that target Brazilian users often end up spreading to other countries around the world too. This is the case with the Tetrade banking Trojans.

This Week In Malware Episode 20 Part 1: Brazil Banking Trojan Family, Tetrade, Expands Reach by Hitting Global Targets

Thankfully, the majority of Brazilian banking Trojans are rather basic, so expanding the malicious campaigns worldwide is usually almost impossible. However, this is not the case with the Tetrade banking Trojans. These four Trojans that belong to the Tetrade group are rather advanced and very stealthy. This enables the banking Trojans to remain under the radar of the victim while carrying out their malicious tasks in the background.

Since there are so many cybercriminals that target Brazilian users with banking Trojans, financial institutions in the country have taken it upon themselves to implement additional security measures in order to protect their customers. However, the reason why the Tetrade banking Trojans are considered to be notable is that they are able to evade or bypass the security measures put in place by the banking institutions they target. The threats from the Tetrade group are capable of stealing data from the breached devices, falsifying various e-tokens, and bypassing 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) measures.

It is important to note that the Tetrade banking Trojans only target Windows users. It is crucial to protect your PC with legitimate, modern antivirus utilities that will keep the Tetrade banking Trojans away from your computer and your finances.


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