Telamon Cleaner

Telamon Cleaner Description

Telamon Cleaner is a software advertised as the right program for getting your PC back into shape by cleaning all the junk it has accumulated over time. The tool, which sports a Russian interface, promises to be your everyday assistant in maintaining your PC free from viruses, corrupt registry keys, junk files, and potentially corrupted code, to name but a few. However, it doesn't tell you the secret paths it uses to land on your machine, often without you being aware of it.

Let us be clear — this secretive behavior flags Telamon Cleaner as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) — even though the tool may turn out to be able to live up to its advertisements. Suppose you have Telamon Cleaner on your computer and don't remember having come across the software before. In that case, Telamon Cleaner may have turned up on your PC's doorstep and entered inside … uninvited. Such modus operandi is unacceptable nowadays, which is why a large number of anti-malware programs have already categorized Telamon Cleaner as a PUP/PUA.

So far, actual reviews of the Russian PC optimization tools have been few and far between. That’s why security researchers seem more prone to question Telamon’s advertised efficiency. Instead of cleaning your PC, a PUP such as Telamon may bring deceptive pop-ups and fake software updates. Again, this is the conventional assumption when it comes to PUPs/PUAs.

The best way to keep Pus/PUAs at bay is a simple tactic that has remained constant to this day — always beware of what you download from the Web and pay special attention when getting a few products in a bundle. Such packages usually provide users with the opportunity to handpick the components they want and ignore the ones they don't. Also, don't forget to peep into the Terms and Conditions included therein. Last but not least, perform proper due diligence beforehand, stick to official download sites, and avoid p2p networks and unknown third-party outlets.