TechandStrat Ransomware

TechandStrat Ransomware Description

The TechandStrat Ransomware is a threatening crypto locker that, so far, appears to be unique as infosec researchers have not classified it as belonging to any of the pre-existing ransomware families. Still, the damage it can cause is massive. By employing uncrackable cryptographic algorithms to 'lock' the files stored on the compromised computer effectively, the TechandStrat Ransomware prevents users from accessing or using their private or work-related files and projects. Among the file types affected by the threat are MS Office documents, PDFs, OpenOffice docs, databases, audio, video, text files, photos, archives, etc. Every encrypted file will have '.crypted' appended to its original filename as a new extension. Once the encryption process is completed, the TechandStrat Ransomware drops its ransom note in the form of text files names 'read_me_lkd.txt.'

The instructions left by the hackers responsible for unleashing the TechandStrat Ransomware do not include the specific amount that victims have to pay for the potential restoration of their data. The note doesn't mention if the payment must be made in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, either. The criminals simply state that affected users have to establish communication by sending a message to one of the provided email addresses - '' and '' A single file can be attached to the email to be decrypted for free.

No matter the exact sum of the ransom, ransomware victims should abstain from paying it. Giving any amount of money to hackers will only serve to expand their criminal operations further. Users should, instead, use a professional anti-malware solution to clean their compromised computers and, only after that, look for a suitable backup that could restore their encrypted files.

The ransom note delivered by TechandStrat Ransowmare reads:

'Hello Technology and Strategy!

All your fileservers, HyperV infrastructure and backups have been encrypted!

Trying to decrypt or modify the files with programs other than our decryptor can lead to permanent loss of data!

The only way to recover your files is by cooperating with us.

To prove our seriousness, we can decrypt 1 non - critical file for free as proof.


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