Takkiukaya.com Pop-Ups

Takkiukaya.com Pop-Ups Description

Takkiukaya.com is a hoax website dedicated to the promotion of a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). The page tries to scare people with false warnings about a Trojan threat that has, apparently, infected their iPhone devices. According to the site, the unspecified malware has already managed to cause 17% of damage to the device's memory, whatever that may mean. The scaremongering continues with Takkiukaya.com warning its visitors that if they do not resolve the situation quickly, all of their data stored on the device could be compromised by third parties.

When dealing with hoax pages of this type, it is important to remember that websites are incapable of performing malware scans on their own. As such, all of the claims made by the deceptive site should be disregarded completely.

Those that fall for the tactic risk installing an intrusive PUP on their devices. Afterward, the application may proceed to generate intrusive and untrustworthy advertisements (adware), take control over the installed browser to promote a sponsored address (browser hijacker) or both.