TabX is a browser extension that offers to provide various convenient features to its users. Unfortunately, anyone who installs the application will soon realize that TabX also is an intrusive browser hijacker. When activated, the application will take over several important browser settings, including the homepage, new tab page and the default search engine. By setting all three to now open a sponsored Web address, the browser hijacker will begin generating artificial traffic toward that page. Typically, browser hijackers are used as vehicles for the promotion of fake search engines.

TabX is not an exception. Users will notice that their browser is redirecting them to the page. Fake search engines cannot produce any search result on their own and that is why they typically take the entered search queries and further redirect them. In this case, users could be taken to another fake engine at '' It should be pointed out that the exact destination of the redirects could vary based on specific factors, such as the user's IP address or geolocation.

Keeping an intrusive PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) with adware or browser hijacker functionalities on your device could lead to additional risk as well. Many applications of this type are equipped with data-tracking capabilities. Users could have their browsing activities monitored, packaged, and transmitted to the operators of the specific application. Many PUPs also try to include additional data, such as device details or information extracted from browsers' autofill data, such as account credentials or banking info.


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