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Szymekk Ransomware

The Szymekk Ransomware is a new malware threat that has been released in the wild. While not entirely unique, the Szymekk Ransomware is a variant of the previously detected Cobra Locker Ransomware, it can still cause severe damage on any computer it manages to infiltrate. To further push its victims into meeting the hackers' demands, the malware acts both as a crypto locker and a screen locker.

The Szymekk Ransomware looks for suitable targets, infiltrates their computers, and proceeds to encrypt nearly all of the files stored there. Every encrypted file will have '.Szymekk' appended to its original name as a new extension. The malware doesn't drop a typical ransomware note. Instead, it locks the compromised system's screen with an image of its own containing the hackers' instructions. The text is extremely brief, simply telling the threat victims to establish communication by sending a message to the provided email address - ''

Victims of ransomware should keep in mind that even if they send the demanded ransom amount, they may not receive a decryption tool, or a decryption tool will be able to restore all of the encrypted data. Furthermore, all of the funds acquired by the criminals will be used to expand their illegal operations further.

The text displayed in the lock screen image of the Szymekk Ransomware is:

'You have become a victim of the Szymekk Ransomware!

All your important files are encrypted!

If you want to recover files write email to us


and wait for further instructions.'


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