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'' Pop-Ups

By GoldSparrow in Browser Hijackers

The notifications that may pop-up in your Web browser should not raise security concerns. All modern Web browsers may allow websites to show pop-ups. However, aggressive pop-ups and pop-ups from untrusted domains are censored. The domain is associated with a browser hijacker that might disable the pop-up protection mechanism of your Web browser to show numerous pop-ups from and urge users to call 877-527-3615 and 855-912-5931 phone numbers to receive computer assistance on disabling pop-ups. The browser hijacker may have landed on your PC along with a free program setup that you downloaded from a less-reputable software distribution platform. The notifications are facilitated by JavaScript in the code of the page and users may not be able to close them and open a new tab page. The browser hijacker linked to might change your Internet browser settings via a corrupted extension, add-on, plug-in or Browser Helper Object. The browser hijacker may heave edited your Windows registry settings to run at system boot as well. Apart from changing your homepage and displaying pop-ups, the browser hijacker is not considered a severe threat to your cyber security. However, you will not be provided with legitimate computer assistance from certified Microsoft technicians on 877-527-3615 and 855-912-5931. You should not dial those numbers because third parties may take advantage of gullible users to direct them to install rogue security applications like XP Micro Antivirus and Windows Safety Checkpoint. Moreover, the fake technicians on 877-527-3615 and 855-912-5931 might ask for your billing information, and you could lose more than $600. You should install a trusted anti-malware suite that provides professional protection against cyber threats and browser hijacking applications.


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