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Cybercriminals tend to use various EKs (Exploit Kits) to spread all malware types to unsuspecting victims. Often, they use already known exploits in popular software tools. These exploits are usually patched up by the developers of the applications quickly, but users often neglect to update all their software on a regular basis, and this is how they become vulnerable to cyber crooks.

Operates Silently

Some of the most popular EKs are the Fallout Exploit Kit and RIG Exploit Kit, and they have been spotted to distribute the Amadey Loader and the DanaBot Banking Trojan regularly. Researchers also saw a malware sample that they had not encountered previously. Unlike the Danabot Banking Trojan, it serves a much simpler purpose - to set up a SOCKS5 proxy server on the infected computer. This might not looks like a major issue to the average user, but they should know that this will enable the attacker to use the infected computers to reroute unsafe traffic through them, therefore making it difficult to uncover their Command & Control (C&C) server infrastructure. This threat is called SystemBC and operates very silently. Once it compromises a system, it configures the SOCKS5 proxy and proceeds to encrypt all the information exchanged between the threat and the servers of the attackers. However, the SystemBC malware does not have a long list of capabilities, so it is likely that the attackers will only use it in combination with various other hacking tools.

Sold on Hacking Forums

Malware researchers discovered that the authors of the SystemBC malware are selling an older variant of the threat on a popular hacking forum. Since it is available publicly, it is likely that many different ill-minded actors may take advantage of the SystemBC tool. This will make it harder for cyber security experts to track the cybercriminals involved in the propagation of the SystemBC malware significantly.

To prevent threats like the SystemBC malware from infiltrating your system, you should make sure to keep all your applications up to date at all times. It may sound like a tedious task, but this will save you a lot of headaches. It is also crucial to obtain a legitimate anti-malware application to keep your PC secure.


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